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Closed Captions

Closed Captions

Closed Captions
Closed Captions

Closed captions, offline captioning, or post production captioning is where captions are added to videos or other media that has already been produced. The text usually appears at the bottom of the screen but can be placed virtually anywhere within the video content. Depending on the player used to host the video being presented, captions may be turned on or off (closed captions) or embedded into the video and appear at all times throughout the video (open captions).

Pricing for closed captions is based on duration of each file rounded up to nearest minute.

What determines our rates:

English➔English Closed Captions
$/min Closed Captions
Add English-language captions from a professional typist to your videos.
+$/min Premium English→English
Our highest quality caption solution – best option for streaming platforms and meeting FCC compliance.
+$/min Rush My Order
All files will be expedited and delievered up to 5x faster.
+$/min Encoding/Embedding
We upload the caption file against your video wherever it is housed.
+$/min Burned-In Captions
Receive your video(s) back with permanent open captions.
Turn-around time
Turn-around time (TAT) is based much more on individual file length than total volume. Factors such as audio quality, difficulty of content, and heaviness of accents can also affect TAT.
File length Standard TAT Rush TAT
0-30 minutes 24 hours (1 day) 12 hours (½ day)
31-60 minutes 48 hours (2 days) 24 hours (1 day)
> 60 minutes 72 hours (3 days) 48 hours (2 days)
> 120 minutes 96 hours (4 days) 72 hours (3 days)
> 180 minutes 120 hours (5 days) 96 hours (4 days)

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