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Live Captioning

Live Captioning

Live Captioning
Live Captioning

Live captioning and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is the instantaneous translation of the spoken word. Text is transmitted within seconds of the spoken word. This service can be provided on-site as well as remotely. In a classroom situation, the captioner is present in the room with the student. The lecturer or the professor is speaking, and the text is displayed for the student to view. Live real-time captioning and CART can be provided for meetings, classes, training sessions, and events of all kinds to name a few.

Remote captioning is the same, except that the caption provider is in a remote location and receives audio through the use of a telephone or internet connection platform.

Automatic Speech Recognition – ASR or AI captioning is an alternative to a human caption provider. ASR is a more economical option but may not be ADA compliant unless properly implemented. (See our Caption Companion solution!)

What determines our rates:
All levels include lightly edited transcript. Click here for sample transcripts to understand the difference between unedited and lightly edited.

Standard (English)

Technical (English)

Special Event (English)
A special event may be defined as a webinar, conference, training, formal meeting, seminar, or other event that requires significant preparation. We can also do RTMP encoding if you need the captions embedded into your live stream or broadcast.

Graduation/Commencement Ceremonies
This type of event has unique requirements that need special preparation. Yes we can caption graduates’ names and degrees which can be displayed for all to see! And we can do so without the need for QR/barcodes/scanner/software license. Simply send us the list of names and we will do the rest.

AI Language Translation
This is where the human captioner’s English text is automatically translated in realtime into other languages. Full list of 135+ languages can be found here.

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