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Live Captioning

Live Captioning & Real-Time Transcription

Real Time CART and Captioning

Live captioning and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is the instantaneous translation of the spoken word.

Text is transmitted within seconds of the spoken word. This service can be provided on site as well as remotely. In a classroom situation, the captioner is present in the room with the student. The lecturer or the professor is speaking, and the text is displayed for the student to view. Real time captioning and CART can be provided for meetings, classes, training sessions, and special events

Remote captioning is the same, except that the caption provider is in a remote location and receives audio through the use of a telephone or internet connection platform.

Audio Description, also known as Descriptive Audio or Video Description, narrates the relevant visual information contained in a video and is an accommodation for blind and low-vision viewers. These descriptions fit into natural pauses in the video’s audio track to provide context, to clarify speakers, and to articulate visual elements that are critical to gain a comprehensive understanding of the video.

In Business

Utilize our real time closed captioning & real time audio transcription services for Live Zoom captioning & Zoom transcription with speaker identification, interactive transcripts for note taking, search and sharing. We can help with web conferencing, events, meetings, trainings, town halls, research, interviews, podcasts and courses.

For Education

Help those with accessibility needs with our top quality CART captioning and CART transcription services. Our CART real-time captioning is trusted and provides interactive transcripts for note taking, highlighting and search in use for translation with Spanish and ither languages.

In Court

Cut down on using backlogs and use with live transcription for court rooms and law services. Benefit from many options for desired transcript formatting, playbacks, readback, text search and in-audio search. Receive admissible transcripts for every US country, with drafts turned around professionally from our transcribers.

Other Media

Our live captioning capabilities offers the ideal closed captioning service for live viewer needs and translation support. Media can rely on accurate speaker identification and immediate downloads of transcripts which can be easily integrated into platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

What is the difference between closed captioning and live captioning?

Closed captioning is very detailed and time-coded, so that the correct text appears at the proper time while you’re watching a video, tv, or movie or listening to a piece of audio. Live captions are a real-time process, done as the the event is happening. Nothing is predetermined and the transcription is happening live.

When to use live captions?

As more videos and events are live streamed, live captions should be considered. Captions produced in real-time while the video is happening help viewers to participate more effectively while remote or in environments where the sound can’t be played out loud. Captions also help to deliver accessibility to audiences who rely on them to consume your content and participate in your events. Live captions reinforce the content being shared verbally for greater audience readability.

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