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Meaning-for-Meaning (Text Interpreting)
Meaning-for-Meaning (Text Interpreting)

Text Interpreting is a note-taking system that is designed to provide meaning-for-meaning transcription of spoken English into English text. The text interpreter or live transcriber listens to the speaker and types out what is spoken in a condensed fashion (meaning-for-meaning).

(All levels include lightly edited transcript. Click here for sample transcripts to understand the difference between unedited and lightly edited.)

Standard (English):  $70.00 per hour

Technical (English):  $90.00 per hour

Special Event (English): $130.00 per hour
(A special event may be defined as a webinar, conference, training, formal meeting, seminar, graduation, or other event that requires significant preparation.)

AI Language Translation:  Additional $10.00 per hour, per language
(This is where the human captioner or transcriber’s English text is automatically translated in realtime into other languages. Full list of 135+ languages can be found here.)


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