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ASL or Spoken Language Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) — Interpreters located remotely access the audio/video feed through the internet and provide realtime interpreting for your conference attendees.

Attendees needing spoken language interpreting can access their language through an FM transmitter just as they would if interpreters were located on-site. They can also access their spoken language using their phones to either call into their respective language conference line or listen in high definition using a WiFi or data connection. Interpreters (whether sign language or spoken language) can be made available on any screen visible to attendees. We will work directly with the A/V company handling your event to display the interpreters (and live captioning if requested) to your attendees where needed.

Realtime Spoken Language Interpreting – In 53+ languages

On-site Interpreting
On site interpreting is when an interpreter is present at your location to interpret at the scheduled appointment time. There is a 2-hour minimum charge for on-site interpreting which is standard industry practice.

In addition, if the job is longer than one hour, two interpreters are typically required. (Medical appointments are usually an exception.)

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