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“Sending all good wishes your way and another round of gratitude for all that you do to make our work accessible. We appreciate you!”

Advisor on Disability

“You have been amazing and I’ve loved having you throughout the program. I never could have done this without CART. It’s funny, I tend to think I don’t need it, but trying to do without it really makes my stress level go up and reminds me that listening fatigue is real.”

University Student

“Margaret is our contact at Premier Visual Voice and has been amazing to work with.”

Analyst for Students with Disabilities

“On Saturday we went out to a restaurant with my daughter. It was quite noisy so all the interference made my hearing aids almost useless. But I set the Caption Companion on the table propped up. I was impressed that it almost never picked up other unwanted voices or added them to the conversation. I was able to understand both my wife and daughter quite well that way. When the waitress came by she was quite intrigued with the device. She could see the screen so would say things to see her words appear on the screen.”

Hearing Loss Help Expert

“Caption Companion worked perfectly today!! I can’t wait to write the blog and share the video my co-worker took! There was a lot of chatter about it at the conference today. Thank you so much!!”

Conference Organizer

“Margaret is one of the best voice writers that I have had the pleasure to work with. In addition to the quality of her work, Margaret’s professionalism, attention to detail and respect for deadlines makes her a terrific source for real-time and off-line captioning assignments.”

Francisco Philibert, Owner

“I found the captioning really helpful today. I think my team did as well. Since I do interpreting work in conjunction with CART, having reliable captions can really improve the quality of the ASL interpretation as well. So pass our thanks on to Margaret, please.”

Charity Kheshgi, Sign Language Interpreter


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