CART Communication Access Realtime Translation and Captioning Transcription Services for closed captioning, web captioning, post production captioning, CART for auditory learning disabilities


Premier Visual Voice specializes in providing Communications Access Real-time Translation (CART) and captioning services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and for the general population as well. Captioning is a necessary part of communication for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Wherever the spoken word is used, text can be provided in real-time or post-production of any media.

CART, Captioning, and Transcription Services

Premier Visual Voice provides remote Communications Access Real-time Translation services, captions, post-production captions, and transcription services. Premier Visual Voice prides itself on providing high-quality captions and excellent customer service at very reasonable prices. Contact us for all your captioning needs. 216-246-9477.

Helping your message be heard by the deaf and hard of hearing community

Premier Visual Voice can provide CART and captions for:

  • Federal, state, and local government assemblies
  • Webinars and webcasts
  • Podcasts
  • Seminars
  • Business Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Teleconference Calls
  • Classrooms/Schools
  • Hospitals and Doctor's Offices
  • Online Programs and Classes
  • Post-production media, such as videos, films, audio, and any prerecorded media
  • Television

Member National Verbatim Reporters Association

Captions are the answer when anyone needs to communicate with the deaf and hard-of-hearing or when a transcript is needed for an event. Captions can be viewed on a PC, laptop, cell phone, or any other mobile device along with Internet availability.

Available Spanish services:

  • Real-time CART and captions
  • Real-time Spanish to English and English to Spanish, CART and captions
  • Post-production Spanish captions
  • Translation services

Legal, medical, and general transcription services are also available from Premier Visual Voice. Again, a clear and strong audio is necessary to provide an accurate translation of the spoken word.

Contact us for all your captioning and transcription needs at 216-246-9477.